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The pantomime that speaks - with Ofer Goren

Ofer Goren has been performing as a professional mime artist for over 25 years.
His inspiration and talent to perform and act started during his childhood. It was clear then, that he had a unique ability to express himself without the use of words.
Ofer’s 1st performance in Ashdod was a success and led him to the decision to elevate his hobby into his professional carrier. It was his 1st performance which also led to many more performances all over Israel.
As the demand for more shows grew, Ofer started to create programs which he matched to the needs of the various audiences around Israel.
After serving in the IDF, Ofer studied dance and pantomime with the greatest teachers and mentors both in Israel and around the world.
His performances in Israel also led to invitations to perform in Italy, Croatia, Belgium, Spain, Austria, The U.S, Canada, Namibia, South-Africa, and on May 2006 Ofer was invited by the Israeli embassy in China to represent Israel in a major cultural event which took place in Beijing.

Ofer Goren stands out from other artists as a unique pantomime who combines Biblical studies and the art of mime.
Ofer presents Biblical scenes and social ethical conflicts which encourage the audiences to both learn and explore new themes while being entertained.
It is this combination that gives Ofer the ability to teach in an original and informal way, astonishing anyone who’s interested in high class entertainment.
Ofer’s success in Israel and around the world has led many Israeli artists to take interest in the art of pantomime. Ofer often volunteers to help and mentor many artists, both beginners and advanced.

Ofer Goren - mime and professional actor for twenty years. Original pantomime performances for children and adults
, " Pretend " , " Megillah Nagila ," " Legend rudderless " and more.

Mime Ofer Goren , Born on the of December 1965 .
Child had difficulty communicating with the environment due to steering problems and stuttering . To attract attention, began to show without words .
Ofer Goren , ballet talent in the pantomime . Built a mime sections : a balloon , a robot , bicycles and the like. and was the center of everyone loved to be with him