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The pantomime that speaks - with Ofer Goren

Ofer Goren has been performing as a professional mime artist for over 25 years.
Already in his childhood, he revealed a wonderful talent for acting. Ofer developed extraordinary abilities to express himself without words. Using pantomime, he overcame pronunciation and speech difficulties.
Following Ofer's first performance as a counselor in a youth group, his hobby became a profession. His performance was wondrous, full of humor and vitality. His success led to additional performances across Israel.
After serving in the IDF, Ofer studied dance and pantomime with the greatest teachers and mentors both in Israel and around the world. Ofer's performances are fresh and joyful with a good, sharp sense of humor. His pantomimes are an integration of humor and sadness, seriousness and simplicity. A performance for the whole family.
Ofer's specialty is in his ability to fascinate and interest his audience. He creates a joyful experience, yet also an educational one. Ofer's command of his body and presence on stage add grace and depth to the silent communication, utilizing the viewer's imagination.
His performances in Israel have led to invitations to perform in Italy, Croatia, Belgium, Spain, Austria, The U.S, Canada, Namibia, South Africa. On May 2006 Ofer was invited by the Israeli embassy in China to represent Israel in a major cultural event which took place in Beijing.
Ofer’s success in Israel and around the world has led many Israeli artists to take interest in the art of pantomime. Ofer often volunteers to help and mentor many artists, both beginners and advanced.

Ofer Goren – mime and professional actor for over 20 years. Original pantomime acts for children and adults: "Let's play make believe", "Rejoice in the scroll", "Soundless legend" and more.
Ofer Goren, the mime, was born on December 11th, 1965. He had problems communicating as a child, due to stuttering and pronunciation difficulties. In order to draw attention, Ofer started communicating without words. In his studies, Ofer's pantomime abilities stood out. He created pantomime skits: balloon, robot, bicycle and so on. In his youth group, "Bnei Akiva", Ofer Goren was the clown and the center of attention that all enjoyed to be around.