Pantomime - acting without words. Expressing ideas and emotions using only body language and facial expressions. A show that connects the viewer to a language that knows no boundaries and provides an emotional experience that brings with it a multidimentional message.
Ofer performs in silence but you will laugh out loud.
You must see in order to understand the you can understand by only seeing and no words are needed.
Ofer's pantomime show shatters the paradigm that pantomime is only for children. He performs shows especially designed to the adult audience in an original and captivating way.
Ofer is able to convey emotions and sharpen your thinking while you enjoy the experience.

Humor with no words

Humor with no words

This show is designated for adults who become part of the act and is filled with surprises and witty humor. This experience can’t be expressed in words and is 75 minutes long!
The scroll of the Megilla - We shal rejoice (HAVA NAGILA)

The scroll of the Megilla - We shal rejoice (HAVA NAGILA)

This show presents the entire story of the Megilla while bringing back all of the famous characters to life. From a king and a servant to a queen and a leader, from costumes and effects to an audience who becomes part of the act. The real plot of the Purim story and so many details have never been told in this way! From sadness to happiness, from despair and lack of identity to bravery and pride. The show is one hour long.
הופעה למבוגרים - מסמך אישי מהשואה

The holocaust - A personal document

This performance describes the challenges facing a holocaust survivor who struggles with his traumatic memories of the Eichmann capture and trial. Eichmann’s trial exposed the horror and helplessness of the survivors, while showing the world how much the holocaust is still a daily part of the survivors’ lives. The trial led the entire society to treat and refer to the survivors as heroes who fought with bravery and not as humiliated Jews who were brought into slaughter. This unique performance is appropriate for youth and adults and is 75 minutes long.
מופע למבוגרים - שרשרת הדורות

The chain of the generations

This journey takes the audience back to the main Jewish historical events-from Abraham to the establishment of the state of Israel. The story of the Jewish people, with no political interpretation. This show is appropriate for youth and adults and is one hour long.
הופעות למבוגרים - עזר כנגדו


All about the “help” and all about the “mate This show presents day to day challenges and situations facing anyone who’s in a relationship. The good, the bad and the ugly are expressed together with stress and joy. This show is appropriate for adults and is 75 minutes long.
הופעות למבוגרים - בד בבד- שהחומר והרוח נפגשים

Alongside (In hebrew it also means “FABRIC BY FABRIC”)

Ofer Goren joins with the “Triangle Theater” in a unique performance which combines a stage-set made out of fabric. The show encourages the audience to experience the spirit’s separation from materialism from the dawn of time. It also brings the audience to a new revelation! This show is 75 minutes long and is appropriate for students from 7th to 12th grade and adults. Actors: Ofer, Anna, Meir Music and designer of lightning: Oved Pinto

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יש שמופיעים ברעש ויש שמופיעים בשתיקה - עופר גורן הבחירה השקטה לאירוע שלכם! בהופעת פנטומימה שמרעישה אולמות. עופר גורן משחק ב דממה ואתם תצחקו בקול בתוכנית לקטנטומימה צריך להיות מנוסח - בעולמו הדימיומי שהופך להיות מציאותי עבורות.
הופעות למבוגרים: בידור ללא דיבור, ועוד